For an area as crucial to proper vehicle health, transmissions are increasingly becoming neglected by drivers, placing great strain on your vehicle's drivetrain. With the workload your transmission undertakes, it's important to have it serviced regularly; Joyce Automotive Engineers recommends a check of your transmission every two years or every 20,000km.

The things that can impact the healthy performance of a vehicle's transmission include:

  • Boiling of the oil
  • Oil oxidisation
  • Low levels of transmission fluid
  • Heavy load without sufficient transmission cooling, ie. trailer or caravan

As your local Fluidrive dealer, I can inspect your vehicle's transmission to pre-empt any of the issues listed above and more, saving your vehicle expensive repair work. I'm also able to fit transmission coolers, ensuring your vehicle's ready for any size load.

If your vehicle's having trouble staying in gear, or to book your vehicle in for a transmission check, give me a call today!

Steering & Suspension

Many handling and ride comfort issues can be traced back to faults in your vehicle's steering and suspension. These faults can manifest as the following symptoms, or a number of other driving problems:

  • abnormal noises from the front, rear or under the vehicle
  • vibrations or shuddering from the steering wheel or brake pedal
  • general 'loose, floaty' feel
  • pulling to one side when braking
  • uneven tyre wear
  • rough or harsh ride

As an authorised Pedders dealer, Joyce Automotive Engineers can offer you a Pedders Brake, Suspension & Steering Check at the low cost of $28, including a shock absorber test, brake pad and rotor inspection, under car inspection, and a no-obligation analysis and written report. I'll advise you of what repairs needs to be conducted as soon as possible, and what additional servicing should be undertaken in the future, along with recommended replacement parts and other products.

To book your vehicle in for a checkup of your vehicle's steering and suspension systems, get in touch today!


Knowing the right battery for your vehicle is often more complicated than most drivers think. Between different car's electrical needs and the various pre-existing and aftermarket electronic features in individual vehicles, the wrong choice in battery can make for a host of problems.

Joyce Automotive Engineers can recommend the right solution for you from our comprehensive range of Century batteries, ideal for passenger cars, light commercial vans, utes and other 4WD vehicles, high-endurance deep-cycle batteries, and models for marine use. I can also conduct no-obligation free battery tests, to ensure your vehicle's getting as much power as it needs.

If you'd like to know more about my battery services, give me a call today!


Your brakes are arguably your vehicle's most important safety feature, but is also one of the quickest to succumb to wear and tear. Worn brake components can reduce your vehicle's effective stopping power, making your vehicle less responsive while braking. To catch braking issues before they become serious, we recommend you have a specialist check your brakes every 12 months or 10,000km.

At Joyce Automotive Engineers I offer drivers a complimentary brake test for any regular vehicle service. I also offer more comprehensive stand-alone brake tests, including a 28-point safety check.

If your brakes aren't right, your vehicle isn't right. If you feel there's anything wrong at all with your brakes, I recommend you get in touch today to organise an inspection of your vehicle.



Your transmission might be in top shape, but if your vehicle has a poorly maintained clutch and clutch pedal, changing gears or staying in gear can be difficult. A worn clutch from too much slipping can lose traction with the flywheel resulting in more regular gear slipping and a loss of power from the engine; damage to the clutch cable, leaking hydraulic lines, or shonky aftermarket parts can result in your clutch sticking, resulting in grinding that can affect your ability to stay in gear.

I service all forms of wet and dry clutches, replacing components as required to eliminate trouble changing gears on the road. 

To find out more about my services, give me a call today!

Other Services

Nothing will ruin a driving holiday quite like car trouble. Joyce Automotive Engineers offers pre-trip vehicle inspections, including the Pedders $28 Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check, to give drivers some extra peace of mind before they set off on their next big adventure.

I can also handle a wide range of other essential vehicle services and repairs, including wheel alignments, exhaust fitting or replacement, diagnostics with the latest Snap On scan tools, and tyre fitting and balancing

To find out more, give us a call today!

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